Lents is already pretty awesome. But together, we can make it even better.

Livable Lents combines a community-wide Listening Project and Livability Action Pledge to connect the community members of Lents to their neighbors, local organizations, small businesses, and city and state bureaus.

What the heck are livability conditions? We worked with partners to begin adapting the EcoDistrict framework categories in order to reflect some of the core conditions that people had indicated as important to them in their lives as community members in Lents. Additionally, the livability conditions list was refined based on feedback from community members and research done on other models of livable community indexes

Livable Lents is a project of Green Lents, a member of the Catalyst Community Network.

For more details check out our reports

Portland Summer of Solutions End of Program Report 2012

2015 Outreach Report: Livable Lents Community Listening  Project

2016 Lents Strong Report: Community Action Plan for a Livable , Affordable Neighborhood


2015 Outreach Report


2016 Lents Strong Report

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