What’s the Lents Green Ring, anyway?

Think of the Lents Green Ring as the “hardware” portion of a Livable Lents. The Green Ring connects all the hubs and centers involved in creating a livable Lents using infrastructure improvements and investment. We align our energies along such projects as signage, tours, and safety and road enhancements to create a stronger sense of place, connection, and ownership among neighbors.greenringlogo

Our neighbors who live within and around the Green Ring rely on it to provide bike and pedestrian friendly access through Lents and into the rapidly developing Town Center. Most everybody who drives through Lents will go through the Green Ring in some way. Together, we can link them and increase access to all of the awesome things that make Lents the great place that it is!

To view the names of assets in a list or add overlays that show which assets are in Lents, and even which assets are in or around the Lents Green Ring, click the menu button at the upper left side of the map.



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  1. October 5, 2016 at 4:00 am

    What is the distance of the Green Ring?

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